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High Tech PACS


Neureveal PACS is a robust image management system that enables users to effortlessly retrieve, process, and organize modalities images using DICOM protocol. The system allows for easy access to images for radiologists, with the ability to view and download such images via a user-friendly interface. Additionally, the system comes complete with a powerful reporting module. Our commitment to safety and quality is evident, as demonstrated by our Establishment Registration with the FDA. Rest assured that Neureveal PACS meets rigorous regulatory standards and is built to provide unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in image management.


Our platform offers a user-friendly experience for our valued clients. By simply clicking on the "View Studies" button on the WorkList, users can effortlessly access images through our Zero Foot Print Viewer. Our state-of-the-art browser-based technology allows for enhanced and seamless image manipulation, making it a reliable choice for many professionals. Our platform is fully integrated with PACS and boasts a range of features, including 3D, MPR, MIP, measurement saving, SR, Cobb angle, Comparions, cell linking, and many more. As a testament to our commitment to offering the best services to our clients, we have a 510K submission pending.


Neureveal Inc leverages TCP layer to facilitate seamless connectivity with modalities in healthcare centers, ranging from x-ray, MRI, CT, Mammogram, PET scan, Ultrasound, Echo, and beyond. Our commitment to safeguarding our application is unwavering, and we've instituted a rigorous security evaluation, monitoring, and mitigation protocol across all stages of our software development life cycle. We conduct regular penetration testing and possess a wealth of expertise advising our clients on industry best practices for protecting patient PHI. At Neureveal Inc, we understand the gravity of safeguarding healthcare data and are dedicated to delivering secure, efficient connectivity solutions for our clients.


At Neureveal Inc, we consider quality as an integral component of our organizational culture, and we ensure to uphold the highest standards of quality in our software development processes. From the inception of an idea to deployment and maintainability, we integrate meticulous quality control measures to deliver products of the utmost quality. Our stringent quality plan is executed methodically and with the utmost attention to detail, every step of the way, including traceability matrix for all application requirements to test success. As our valued customer, you can be rest assured that we do not compromise on quality when you subscribe or purchase our PACS application. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, and we remain dedicated to delivering excellence.