Neureveal Inc

Neureveal Inc is an innovative and dynamic start-up situated in the charming suburb of Oak Brook, Chicago. Our company comprises two separate, yet interconnected departments, namely Healthcare Software Development and Medical AI. From our very inception, we’ve fostered a culture of excellence and embodied an uncompromising attitude towards quality, incorporating hazard management practices into our everyday standards of operation. Using a highly efficient traceability system, we’ve ensured that our SDLC conforms to the regulations stipulated by ISO 13485, ISO 14971, ISO 9001 and IEC 62304, from the requirements gathering phase up to post-marketing.

We’ve also endeavored to stay up to date with the latest technology, utilizing groundbreaking tools such as .Net framework, C#, React platform, Nodejs, Angular, PHP, Nginx, Apache, python, Monai, PyTorch, elastic search, MSSQL, Postgres, MongoDB, docker, Kubernetes, wireguard, tailwind, bootstrap, and many more. Our use of Github for CI/CD guarantees quality standards.

Our applications are built to run on Windows and/or Linux, using VMware as a phase 1 hypervisor. Furthermore, we use Veeam and Zerto to ensure HIPAA compliance in the cloud, as well as Windows servers/SQL’s Always On High Availability platform to provide nonstop services. In less than two years, we’ve created an impressive fleet of applications and 10 AI models that are ready for regulatory submission.

Our PACS application is designed to operate on-premises, and our AI models are deployed on multi-cloud environments. We work with each cloud partner, ensuring they sign a BAA and undergo their latest external security audit. As members of NVIDIA’s Inception Program, we’re committed to using NVIDIA’s technological tools, such as the A100 GPU hardware and Monai platform software with its various suites. Our company is presently developing two unique applications through this program, aiming to optimize the performance of AI models.

Neureveal Inc is proud to be HIPAA and GDPR certified, and working towards 510K submissions for both our first AI model and PACS application. We reject the temptation of cutting corners and always aspire to only produce the highest calibre of work.  

Simply stated at Neureveal Inc we never compromise on quality!