Neureveal Inc

Neureveal Inc, nestled in the serene suburb of Oak Brook, Chicago, is a beacon of innovation and dynamism in the start-up landscape. Our organization is structured into two synergistic departments: Healthcare Software Development and Medical AI, each pulsating with a spirit of technological advancement. From the outset, we’ve championed a culture steeped in excellence, seamlessly integrating AI into our core operations and adopting rigorous hazard management practices. Our commitment to quality is unwavering, ensuring our Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) adheres to international standards like ISO 13485, ISO 14971, ISO 9001, and IEC 62304, from initial requirements gathering to post-marketing phases. This integration of AI not only enhances our operational efficiency but also elevates our compliance with these stringent regulations.

Embracing the latest in technology, we utilize state-of-the-art tools including .Net framework, C#, React platform, and more, while infusing our workflow with advanced AI technologies like Python, Monai, PyTorch. Our AI expertise is evident in our utilization of GitHub for CI/CD, ensuring our products not only meet but exceed quality benchmarks. Our applications, engineered to run on both Windows and Linux, leverage VMware’s robust capabilities, complemented by Veeam and Zerto for HIPAA-compliant cloud operations. Our prowess in AI is showcased in our impressive suite of applications and the development of 10 AI models poised for regulatory submission, all within a span of less than two years.

Our flagship PACS application, designed for on-premises operation, is enhanced by AI models deployed in multi-cloud environments. We meticulously collaborate with cloud partners, ensuring compliance and security are paramount. As proud members of NVIDIA’s Inception Program, our commitment to AI innovation is further cemented by utilizing NVIDIA’s cutting-edge A100 GPU hardware and the Monai platform. This collaboration is driving the development of two unique applications aimed at maximizing AI model performance.

At Neureveal Inc, our dedication to excellence extends to achieving HIPAA and GDPR certifications, and we are ardently working towards 510K submissions for our pioneering AI model and PACS application. Our ethos rejects shortcuts, focusing instead on producing work of the highest caliber, with AI integration playing a pivotal role in elevating our products and services to new heights. At Neureveal Inc, quality is not just a goal—it’s our standard, made exceptional by our commitment to AI-driven solutions.